Build Schedules are what we do

Most of the events we work with are essentially complex building projects. WeTrack is set up to serve the needs of construction project managers, with our varied visual timelines, restricted access settings and intuitive interface.

Project & Risk Management

Switch easily between viewing your project plan by date or location, in a calendar, or on a good old Gantt Chart. Automatic progress reports sent to your inbox and restricted access for certain contractors are just two other reasons to manage your project on WeTrack.

Project risk management
Project risk management

Incident Management

Effectively manage defect inspection or snagging: geolocate problems on a site map, take photos, add descriptions and tags, and then assign responsibility to the appropriate contractor. Deal with problems as they happen and report on them later using the indelible audit logs.

Run Sheets

Provide precise daily schedules to one large or multiple sites, keeping everyone aware of what needs to be done and of changes to the schedule. See on a site map where and when things are happening and automate daily briefing and debrief reports.

Project risk management
Event Case Study
Farnborough International Airshow
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Farnborough International Airshow powered by WeTrack

The team at Farnborough used MS Project and many spreadsheets (and a lot of emails) to manage the complexities of all the elements involved in putting on Farnborough Air show. They also had a sub-optimal Incident Management System. This caused bottlenecks, frustrations and inefficient monthly meetings.

WeTrack won the contract to provide both the PM and IMS solutions in one, easy to use system. After consulting with the Farnborough team and taking time to fully understand their requirements, the WeTrack team set up the system structure to match the way that they work. We also imported their event data and provide onsite training to key stakeholders. WeTrack is now used to manage the internal staff and the external contractors with user permissions set accordingly.

Due to its success, WeTrack was asked to include the Bahrain Air Show plans into the same system.

Make the complex simple

WeTrack was built from our experiences working at or with a variety of events, venues and other complex projects. Let us show you how WeTrack can help you simplify processes, increase operational efficiency and get your team working together better.