Event readiness done better!

WeTrack was built with large events in mind, knowing the need for a suite of planning tools that cover the entire operational lifecycle. From Project and Risk Management, to Event Readiness, through to event-time Incident Management and Run Sheet production: we have your operations covered!

Project & Risk Management

Let all stakeholders take charge of their own work. Use an integrated risk register and dependency mapping, alert users when things are slipping or when trends appear. See visual progress summaries for your event alongside all the detail you need to actually run it.

Project risk management
Project risk management

Incident Management

Log incidents and tag their location, attach photos and assign them to the appropriate person and team in one intuitive, mobile-friendly system. Monitor visual analytics and site map views from your control room and use the indelible audit history for full and accurate reporting post-event.

Run Sheets

Make version control a thing of the past with collaborative, live daily schedules which automatically notify people of changes and which can be updated from any device, anywhere. Keep it visual with location views and graphical reports.

Project risk management
Case Study
Farnborough International Airshow
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Farnborough International Airshow powered by WeTrack

As one of the world’s largest exhibitions, the planning and organising of the Farnborough International Airshow is complex. From marketing and sales to visitor management and site build, there are many elements of the show which need to be meticulously co-ordinated. Prior to the adoption of WeTrack, the plans were managed through a mixture of spreadsheets and complex project management software with the sole responsibility on just one member of the team.

The switch to WeTrack has changed that emphasis giving responsibility back to the various internal teams and external contractors, allowing them to manage their own workflow via a central resource. It has created improved collaboration from everyone involved in planning the event and reduced the amount of time spent in meetings.

As well as the planning of the show, Farnborough International have adopted the Incident Management System of WeTrack to report, manage and log any issues during the show and other events at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre and will use WeTrack to manage the Bahrain International Airshow.

Make the complex simple

WeTrack was built from our experiences working at or with a variety of events, venues and other complex projects. Let us show you how WeTrack can help you simplify processes, increase operational efficiency and get your team working together better.