Governance and Oversight of Multiple Events

WeTrack’s suite of tools are ideally suited to federations and governing bodies that wish to empower their organisations but keep good governance over their organisation.

Project & Risk Management

Create project plans for all their events worldwide, and assign local organising teams permission to see each separately. Get true visibility across the entire range of events, automate progress reports and de-risk the events by getting real-time visibility of any issues occurring.

Project risk management
Project risk management

Incident Management

Monitor incidents at all your global events as they happen, see precise locations and visual updates, review and give feedback on LOC responses to those incidents, and report on them post-event for audit purposes.

Run Sheets

Provide precise daily schedules to all your LOCs, keeping everyone aware of what needs to be done and of changes to the schedule. See on a site map where and when things are happening and automate daily briefing and debrief reports.

Project risk management
Event Case Study
Farnborough International Airshow
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Centralise Your Event Delivery!

Combining a centralised project & risk management system with incident management, run sheets and an archive of all past events that can be used to improve operations of future events… you can see why Federations are very interested in what we’re doing.

Of course, a system is just a system. What separates WeTrack is our experience and expertise in event delivery operations. We will work with you to establish the best set up for your Federation, import data and roll out comprehensive training, making life easier for you!

Make the complex simple

WeTrack was built from our experiences working at or with a variety of events, venues and other complex projects. Let us show you how WeTrack can help you simplify processes, increase operational efficiency and get your team working together better.